Central dashboarding

The choice of dashboard software is vast, as long as no one asks the question of how to connect to your EPM solution. Often dashboard solutions for a central data warehouse already exist or are much easier to connect to. The Data Adapter helps you to easily and quickly transport your data to your existing data warehouse or other data source for further analysis.


Tailor-made connectivity

Multidimensional EPM systems often do not speak the same language as data warehouse software. In addition, implementation-specific peculiarities and lack of vendor support make an interface between the two systems difficult to implement. Our Data Adapter provides a lean and easily customizable solution to translate between the different actors.


First successes in the workshop

In a two-day workshop, we work with you to develop an initial prototype. Our consultants speak "EPM" and "DWH" and thus mediate between the different perspectives and requirements. At the end, you will receive a data set on which you can create the first analyses. Afterwards, you will usually be able to implement further technical requirements on your own with a little support.


Our experience

We regularly support our customers in the integration of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management with SAP Business Warehouse or Microsoft SQL Server as central reporting platform. Due to this experience we can support you specifically in the implementation of your project.


Standard functions

Due to a high flexibility we are able to implement special requirements on short notice; often still in a joint workshop. An overview of selected, already existing functions can be found here:

  • Export to flat files and databases.
  • Debug view: Check record by record the correct application of mappings & co.
  • Enrich data with metadata information (e.g. user-defined information).
  • Scaling of high inflation currencies.
  • Separation of single dimensions into multiple dimensions.
  • DWH-compatible preparation of date formats.
  • Adoption of HFM Security.






Further services & products

Our consulting services cover all phases in the lifecycle of an EPM environment.


From concept to realization, we ensure professional planning and implementation.

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Technical operations

We provide expert maintenance and sensitive monitoring for your EPM software.

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Infranaut Console

On request, we can create customized complete solutions for you or extend your software.

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Hosting & Cloud

You access all the functionalities of the software and we ensure that the servers run smoothly.

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