Plannung to indididual development

Our consulting services cover all phases in the lifecycle of an EPM environment.



Individual architecture

Together with the business and IT departments, we develop an individual architecture, tailored to your needs and the existing framework. Our goal is to create a common understanding of the software, its requirements and its ultimate use among all parties involved. We see ourselves as the interface between the IT department, the business department and, if necessary, the business implementation partner.



Software installation

When installing the software, you benefit from our many years of experience and the day-to-day knowledge gained from our operations. We know the right switches to provide you with a stable environment right from the start. Topics such as Single-Sign-On, ADFS or SSL are not unknown to us. Standardized procedures ensure consistent quality.



Version change

If a version change is pending, we migrate all content to a new environment in a technical one-to-one migration. There, in most cases, you can put all important functions through their paces without manual activities before we flip the switch for productive operation at a defined point in time - and after a final data transfer.

Automatisierung und Individualentwicklung

Reviews and optimization

Stability or performance optimization

Do you have stability or performance problems? In a detailed review we compare the configuration of your environment with our best practices or perform detailed runtime analyses to identify optimization potentials. You will receive the results as a detailed report with corresponding recommendations for action.

Automatisierung und Individualentwicklung

Automation and customising

Individual development

With our tools we already provide a variety of extensions around the EPM products. Benefit from our experience and let us fulfill your wish list. We have already created many different possibilities to facilitate your daily work:

  • Copying journals
  • Scheduled consolidation
  • Highlighting of important buttons
  • Automatic creation and sending of financial reports
  • Automatic import or export of data (with or without FDMEE)
  • Transfer interface for SAP
  • Reminder for data submission and much more





Further services & products

Our consulting services cover all phases in the lifecycle of an EPM environment.


From concept to realization, we ensure professional planning and implementation.

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Technical operations

We provide expert maintenance and sensitive monitoring for your EPM software.

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Infranaut Console

On request, we can create customized complete solutions for you or extend your software.

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Hosting & Cloud

You access all the functionalities of the software and we ensure that the servers run smoothly.

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