As part of the OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Action Plan 13, multinational companies above a certain size are required to file an annual declaration of key company figures with the tax authorities, broken down by country.

Many of the key figures relevant for reporting are already available in your EPM system or can be entered centrally in it very easily. With our Country by Country Reporting module in Infranaut Console, you can map the entire process from data entry to data reporting based on your existing EPM software. Our solution retrieves the data directly from your EPM software and creates a ready-to-use reporting package in the OECD's CbC XML format.



Prepared for:

  • ELMA-procedure (Germany)
  • FinanzOnline (Austria)
  • OECD-XML-Format (all countries)

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

With our complete package for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management you get all important elements to be able to map a full-fledged CbC reporting. Our CbCR quick start package includes:

  • Metadata and rules for capturing and calculating CbCR-relevant data directly in HFM.
  • Input forms for recording and evaluation.
  • Infranaut Console for conversion into a ready-to-use reporting package.
  • Workshop with experienced consultants for implementation in your existing HFM application.

Financial Management

Microsoft Excel

Even without suitable EPM software, you can benefit from our CbCR solution: Enter all information in our Excel template and generate a finished reporting package from it, including all important functions such as historization and correction messages.

Microsoft Excel

Correction messages

If you ever need to correct your data, we generate a standard-compliant correction message. All changes are clearly displayed so that you have a complete overview of the changes.


Lightweight solution

Our CbCR solution is based on our proven Infranaut Console platform and can be operated with minimal server resources. The software can be installed on a server of your existing EPM solution or alternatively deployed as a service in the Infranaut.Cloud.

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